New Home of Ethical IM

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12362695781148937584eady_New_On_Stars.svg_.med_For nearly 6 years I’ve been blogging at The posts on that blog have received nearly 10,000 legitimate comments in that time from the many loyal readers that have been following it all these years.

However, I recently realized that much of the content that I published years ago, has simply become irrelevant and outdated.

If you come across one, or more, of those old, outdated posts, it may result in you wasting time and/or money on a product or technique that is no longer effective and that would be counterproductive to my goals!

If I’m not legitimately helping people, then those people are going to lose their trust in me.

So I decided it’s time for a change! I’ve redirect ALL posts from the old blog over to this blog. I’ll be posting the same kind of valuable info, it will just be on a fresh, new site. Nothing has changed except the domain and the freshness of everything that appears on the site. :)

So enjoy the new site and look out for much more new content in the months and years to come.

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Hi Josh. Congratulations with your new home. I hope more and more posts will be shared from your new home. I am always waiting your valuable post.

Once congratulations! Have a great day..